Transportation engineering projects create linkage between our communities’ residential, commercial, educational, and recreational offerings.

These projects can be as innocuous as a sidewalk or as significant as components of the interstate highway system. Transportation engineering ranges from the passive recreation provided by trails to the high speed movement of people and goods throughout the state by road, rail, air, or water.

CHW’s team specifically offers the following services in Gainesville, FL, Ocala FL, and Jacksonville, FL:

  • Planning, Operational, Safety Traffic Studies
  • Infrastructure Assessment and Inventory
  • Roadway Design
  • New construction
  • Reconstruction
  • Rehabilitation
  • Context Sensitive Solutions
  • Bicycle and Pedestrian Facilities
  • Signalization and ITS
  • MOT
  • Safety Improvements

Associated Team

Robert Walpole Civil Engineering Gainesville
Robert J. Walpole, PE, LEED AP
President / Shareholder
Monique Heathcock Transportation Engineering Gainesville
Monique Heathcock, PE, LEED AP
Director of Engineering, Transportation + Public Projects
Brian Snyder Transportation Engineering Gainesville
Brian Snyder, PE
Engineering Project Manager, Gainesville
Marci Chandler, PE
Project Engineer
Katy McMahon Transportation Engineering Gainesville
Katy McMahon
Senior CADD Designer, Gainesville
Beth Dodd CADD Designer CHW Professional Consultants
Beth Dodd
CAD Designer, Gainesville
Sherry Stinson Transportation Engineering Gainesville
Sherry Stinson
Project Assistant, Gainesville
Chloe Touze Transportation Engineering Gainesville FL
Chloe Touze
Transportation Engineering Intern, Gainesville
Garrett Spencer Transportation Engineering Gainesville, FL
Garrett Spencer
Transportation Engineering Intern, Gainesville
Nick Pazanski Transportation Engineering Gainesville, FL
Nick Pazanski
Transportation Engineering Intern, Gainesville